Why not digital files?

Why can't I just have the digital files? But I don't really want the prints.... I can print them myself...

These are phrases professional photographers hear all the time...it seems that as we have entered the "digital era", more and more people are looking to have digital files of their images rather than the actual prints. As a photographer, and ultimately, an artist- it is so hard to imagine my art never making it to a wall. Or worse yet, having a poor quality print hanging on the wall- one where the colors are not right, or it has been poorly cropped. As photographers, we invest in extensive training, expensive equipment, and put a lot of care and thought into the style, colors and posing of each image we capture. Our heart and soul goes into every single photograph...it is our art...and of course, we strive for perfection in how it is displayed, just as we did when the image was captured.
At Dulce Vida Studio, we work with a professional print lab that provides archival, museum quality prints, canvases, albums and other printed products. We are involved in the process from beginning to end, and inspect every single item to ensure it is of the highest quality before it is delivered to our clients. This level of quality control could not be performed on images printed outside of our studio...by not being involved in this process, we are sacrificing the quality of our images, our art, and our reputation...not to mention depriving our client of the high standards we hold ourselves to.
DVS Thumb DriveThen there is the possibility that the images will never make it past the computer. To have beautiful images of your children, your pets, or your family sitting on a hard drive...to not have them displayed on the walls of your home...it is so unfortunate, and for the photographer, the artist, that created them, it is heartbreaking. Nobody sets out to have custom photographs taken and then not display them...but let's face it, we have all been guilty of the "life gets in the way" excuse for not getting something done...no matter how badly we wanted to do it. Leaving your ordering session with a disc or a thumb drive, with the undecided issue of what to print, and with a busy "life that gets in the way", it can mean that those images will stay right where they are...on a piece of digital media. We take that task out of your hands and instead, you leave knowing what images you will have beautifully printed, where they will hang in your home, and perhaps even what they will be framed in. They will be delivered to you ready to display for many years and generations to come. And as an extra bonus, for those of you with children, studies have shown that self-esteem is greatly improved in children whose portraits hang on the walls of their home...just another reason to get them off the screen and onto the wall! Want to read about this study? Check out this article from Design Aglow.
All of this being said- we do understand that there is also great value to having digital files in addition to prints...social media being the #1 reason on that list. Many of us have family living in other parts of the country, or the world, and want to be able to share our photos with them. For that reason, we do provide our clients with web-sized digital files of every image they purchase in print. We want you to be able to show Great-Aunt Marge in Pasadena how sweet little Cameron looked in that fedora...to show Uncle Bobby in Tulsa the image of his niece Claire covered in her 1st Birthday cake... In this modern age, we have so many ways to stay connected to our friends and family, near and far, and we are happy to offer our clients the ability to share their images with them as well!
Life's moments are worth capturing...and displaying- if you are interested in a Custom Photography Session with Dulce Vida Studio, please contact us by phone at 845-345-6947 or via email to info@dulcevidastudio.com.
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