Such a special boy…

Finn-Wreath-WebWhat a beautiful boy…with the most  amazing soul! I could stare at this face for hours!! Thank you to Finn for being such a handsome, patient, and loving model. There will never be another like you!

Sadly, a short time after taking this photo, Finn made his journey across the Rainbow Bridge where he is now watching over his many beloved family members & friends. Many hours were spent with him sitting at my feet, and many hours he spent in front of my lens…even though he truly hated having his photo taken, he always humored me as I clicked away. To any of you who have been blessed enough to have loved, and been loved, by a dog- you know too well the pain of losing them. But you also know the joy they bring to your life, and the limitless love they bring to your heart. Today, as I think of this sweet boy, my heart warms. As a tear comes to my eye, a smile comes to my lips because I know that my life is better for having known him…and will forever be blessed by the love he shared. ♥

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